Tuesday, 24 December 2013

December in the South - Margaret River

After our (frankly awesome) little detour via Bunbury we eventually get to Margaret River. Uber surfy town. Just one street with shops on, and Target "Country" which I found hilarious!

As we were searching for our hostel, (just up the road, Prevelley Beach) we got some glorious views along the coastal road. Of course I didn't take any pictures.
We finally arrived, and had about 20 minutes before the sun was setting, so off we went, with our amazing picnic bag full of gin and bundy rum (ha) and went to see the sun set!

JUST caught it!

Using fancy "sunset" settings on camera

 I do love my panoramics!



(It's behind you!)


Only us and the family in the background here!

Gin, bundy rum and an awesome beach. Can't get better than that!

Using the star filter... The sun was still lighting the sky up, but this star was super bright and right in our sightline!

Gorgeous colours

Here, let me give you some contrast!

Our mate Kevin the seagull.

The moon! Gorgeous!

Eventually after much scheming, thinking of ways to create new money whilst having fun (no, not porn) we found our way back to the hostel, and had MANY drinks. I needed a shower, so took my towel, shower gel (Original Source minty) and shampoo/conditioner and headed to the shower block. However with half a bottle of bundy already in my system I found I couldn't juggle everything, and so there was a casualty...

This got dropped TWICE. Idiot girl!

And there is no more photographic evidence of the night, however we did sit outside the room in our camper chairs, listening to music on my speaker and eating a rather hot chorizo and pasta canned soup! Also, Suzanne went to the loo and came back to find me getting chatted up by 4 blokes (bearing in mind the hostel is DESERTED) one with a ridiculously loud shirt (yes, I did tell him so) and one wearing a FEZ. Omg the fez thing threw me and I believe I did ask "where's your bow tie" but it was lost on fez-man. Loud shirt man however started (what he thought to be) waxing lyrical on Doctor Who... when he called him Doctor Who. *Not-so-internalised-geeky-groaning* It's THE DOCTOR not Doctor Who!!!!!

Anyway... Suze and I were suitably squiffy, and the night finished with Suze videoing her "dancing bush" (I'll let your mind wander hahaha) and me drunken facebooking.

Next day we fancied a quick mooch around Margret River town centre, but first we wanted to see what was occurring in some of those car parked beaches!

We can see things occurring up ahead!

Ooh look! Surfing Competition! Reminds me of when I lived in Croyde Bay... Gold Coast Ocean Fest

All out there waiting for the waves

Bit warm love?

There he goes!

They're all surfing in the one part of the bay, literally 2 minutes walk up the way is this:

What a sight!

Also... a cracking sight below.

That's about all for Margaret River. 

Our final destination of Augusta is coming up!

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