Monday, 9 December 2013

DOO WEE OOOOOO (Doctor Who!)

As most of you know I'm a major Whovian. For those that have no idea what that word was, it means I'm a die-hard Doctor Who fan. I love it. Ridiculous amounts. And I love it even more when I can convert a non-believer into one! It is a sweet and honourable victory!

So, before The Day of The Doctor as Simon had kindly booked tickets at the cinema before I'd even left the UK (Thanks mate!) Suzanne needed to catch up. Now unfortunately I don't possess all the old Doctor Who stuff on hard drive, only the Nu-Who (From Christopher Eccleston.) However by the looks of it, she doesn't really need to catch up on Old-Who (YET...) so we had 2 days to give an intensive, all "important" episodes Nu-Whovian education. All the ones she needed to see to kind of understand The Day of The Doctor. So we also decided to have a weekend of disgustingly amazing food... As you can see!

My fellow Whovians will be happy to know we got through the pivotal eps needed for a basic background in Nu-Who. 
Bad Wolf
Parting of the Ways
The Christmas Invasion
Army of Ghosts
But here is where we ran out of time to watch any more :( She's seen quite a bit of Matt Smith era, but we will be going through ALL of Nu-Who before the Christmas episode!

In the car on the way to the cinema... As if its in a place called Innaloo! Hilarious.

In A Loo... I am dying!!!!

We're all decked out in our Doctor Who gear :D I'm wearing my custom TARDIS tee, Simon is wearing his Doctor Who exhibition tee and Suze has my Minions have the TARDIS tee!

Ridiculously sweet and fizzy drink - check
Masses of salty popcorn - check
Stupidly happy expression - check

What you can't really see are my amazing hand painted shoes - by yours truly, with a whole lot of geeky goodness on them (Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Minions!)

Now I can't let you go without the token hilarious ad I found in the toilets.

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