Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Bits bobs and a bit of paint

Just a few photos that are pretty random and don't require a full on blog post!


What is that in my drink you say? SOMETHING AWESOME.

Yup. Hibiscus flowers you put in your drink. Actually amazeballs!

Suzanne painting the delectable delightful and delicious Amy!

Having my feet henna'd by Kyla

"Facebook appropriate" picture of Suze's body paint, lucky I don't need to keep pics within fb rules on here! If you're confused about that statement, please click HERE to find out why.

Purty feet!

She thought they looked rude... only when you behave like that missy!

Mmmmmm Chickan! Good!

That is painted on. Way to go Suzanne!

And so here comes the odds and ends where I cant figure out where to put them. So they'll go into one post. Now!

Its quite cold when you first get in...

Henna'd feet underwater. Not as arty pic as I'd hoped 

My new favourite ice cream!!! I love a Golden Gaytime!

This is for you Amy ;)

Haaaaa.... More inappropriately named beverages!

They still have Woolies here! Now did Woolworths begin in the UK or in Australia??! (But Woolies here is a supermarket and Jamie Oliver advertises with them... When did you jump ship from Sainsbury's you common strumpet?!)

My FIRST try of squid here. Suzanne is attempting to expand my food palette! (It's working by the way)

This just made me laugh and reminded me of the girls on the course!

Oh dear... I seem to be shopping for clothes again! (I do love a bargain, and these were bargains!)

Not sure if you can see it here, but the clouds didn't look quite real! Like they were cotton wool! If you were close enough you might be able to jump into squidgy fluffiness!

Now this is more like it! At a fabulous discount night in a chemist!

They promised cocktails... So we made our own! They had wine, they had slushie machines. Can you guess what we did... ;)

And THIS is the fabulous makeup artist, Ben who we fell in love with

He's also a drag queen! Veronica Jean Jones, but his mates call him Va-Jay-Jay. Ahhhh! Love!

Christmas decorations when its hot. I still can't wrap my head around it.

Ahhh BEST SHOP EVER - Amazing fairy stuff in there!

Just your average afternoon in the supermarket

I love this artwork (In Fremantle)

Also in Fremantle. This too reminded me of you Amy!

Suzanne rescued this little creature as it was taking its time to cross the road. Its a blue tongued lizard, also known as a goana?! Anyway, Suze is a bit of a rainbow warrior!

Off she goes, saving the Earth one goana at a time ;) 

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