Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A few nights out

I'm clearly not going to stay in every weekend... So here are just a few from our nights out we've had

Down at "The Burrendah"

OF COURSE I'm going to do karaoke!

I'm either really getting into the song or I'm in pain...

My official "tourist" Perth shot. Apparently every British person comes down here and has their picture done according to Amy...!

Then there were cocktails

And dancing...

And more dancing

And cheesy poses! First official night out in Perth city

A large pre-drink before we head off for a Sunday Sesh at Mustang Bar

Selfie time!

Essential car shots

Myself and the luscious Amy :)

The Stingrays - playing awesome surfing music!

The band on after The Stingrays were just a bizarre change... Lounge music?! Also the guy in the brown jacket was my friend Robert McAfferty's double for sure!

No words needed...

I love lamp post apparently.

(Actually just love the stars!)

And here's my night out with the delectable Rebecca and scrumptious Levanah!

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