Tuesday, 29 December 2015

America, the land of hopes and dreams

I have wanted to visit New York for a long, long time. So myself and the boyf decided early on the relationship that we'd definitely go, so we booked.

We decided not to do the hotel thing, because of expense, but also didn't want to do the hostel thing because of the experience. So the best in-between and frankly best choice by far was AirBnb.

It worked out at around £44 quid a night (I've just checked and she costs a bit more now!) for the first week. We have a lot planned!

On arrival, we "checked in" to Maury's apartment, had marveled at all the Americanist stuff, and I immediately fell in love with her apartment. Beautiful and wish it was mine kinda sums it up! Maury is an excellent host. If you ever fancy somewhere close to Central New York (30 mins by subway), good and safe neighbourhood then check her out HERE

Our little pied a terre for the week. Just glorious.

So we were utterly marvin and quite tired from the flying and adventure on the tube to get here, so we ventured out towards Times Square. I wanted it to be as loud and flashy as the TV always makes it out to be, and hot damn! I was NOT disappointed.

This is every night. Utter chaos. I loved it.

Myself and the best man a girl could ask for

Oh yes! I am wearing a spacey top, this is November, and it is WARM!

We stopped off at Junior's restaurant for some much needed dinner and pit stop, before heading back to Maury's for about 11pm. Big days ahead! This is a military operation, this holiday lark!

So on the way home I discovered some amazing graffiti. I love graffiti, especially done well (Remember This?!)

This is in Washington Heights 191st Street Station! I loved this subway station. I loved this area. Just chock full of culture, life and friendly people.

Day 2
Action O Clock!

When in NY you must plan your days. DO NOT FORGET TO PLAN as you will not see everything! Oh, and buy some comfy trainers as you will do a LOT of walking. Think about how much walking you do now, and multiply it by 5, and you're on your way to how much walking you will do! And also download a Subway Map if you can. Most of the subways have free WiFi, not all though. Planning your journeys on the subway is much easier with help!

Every morning we planned our route, screenshotting where we were going, a bit of a map reference, plotted the subway stations...and off we went.

First up, The Rockerfeller Center. 

Ohh this building is magnificent. 

So much to see around it too!

There's an ice rink behind us.
Upon seeing this building, you kinda know it already, having seen it on film and TV. It's just wonderful.

Then Marc got extremely excited at the fact that the Lego Store was just behind the ice rink... He may be nearing 40, but he's still a massive child at heart!

The Big Lego Apple. Subtle, I like it!

We then toddled off for lunch as we'd booked Top of The Rock for later. It was then my turn to get ridiculously excited... The Swarovski Store! Yaaay Shiny Glittery Sparkles!

Can we PLEASE fit this sofa in the suitcase? I need it.

It was then time for Top of the Rock. Which is basically to the top of the Rockerfeller Center.
Did I mention I don't do well with heights?

I'm smiling, but through gritted teeth. I WILL overcome my fear of heights!

This was cute. Obligatory tourist shot.

He's fine, looking down on the world, not a care! Even looking over the side!


Shitshitshitshitshit Holding on for dear life!

Some nice panoramic views for you

Central Park down there! We're off to see that in a couple of days!

There is absolutely NO WAY I am putting both feet on this podium. Marc, you're on your own!

No fear, that man!

Out comes my favourite filter again... This is inside Grand Central Terminal. Not Station. Because all trains terminate here. This is where the buck stops. (Apparently in my last post I called in Grand Central Station... I didn't know any better then!)

I'm sure this part is from a film somewhere...

Not sure... But we live our life like its a film, so it's all good!
Next up is our River Cruise and Broadway show!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A little jaunt

Well over a year since I blogged last about my last travelling adventures, and I thought it was apt I wrote about the trip I'm currently on, with the love of my life!
We are in New York and have been for two days now.

So far we have seen Times Square, the Rockefeller Centre/Top of the Rock and Grand Central Station!
We have a lot planned for the next 10 days, and only access to my phone and no laptop so most pictures and video will have to come after the trip!
Here's one to keep your appetite going...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Albany: Natural Beauty 2

Moving on from the Natural Bridge and Gap, we come along to THE BLOWHOLES! Amy did NOT warn me about this... AT ALL!

But first, Cable Beach. Gorgeous here!

More signs for your viewing pleasure

That's a long ass set of stairs to come back up from...


Love this, not only because I am in it, but also because I am quite clearly happy as Larry here. I can see myself coming here to live out my twilight years!

I didn't think I got them - but I did! You can just about see the wave rainbows on these two pictures! A phenomenon I've never experienced until the lovely Amy pointed it out to me! Love a rainbow!

Now onto the Blowholes. I had never heard of them so didn't feel the need to be freaked out in the slightest...

They look really quite inconspicuous don't they? They're NOT! It's like a DRAGON'S BREATH! Scary, loud and quite warm! We sat and experienced this madness right on the blowholes! 

There we are! Loving life, being breathed on by a dragon.

My last shot of Albany, we were heading back to Perth this day, but I needed to show just how blue the ocean was - turquoise is a better description! Gorgeous.