Thursday, 21 August 2014

Albany: Natural Beauty 2

Moving on from the Natural Bridge and Gap, we come along to THE BLOWHOLES! Amy did NOT warn me about this... AT ALL!

But first, Cable Beach. Gorgeous here!

More signs for your viewing pleasure

That's a long ass set of stairs to come back up from...


Love this, not only because I am in it, but also because I am quite clearly happy as Larry here. I can see myself coming here to live out my twilight years!

I didn't think I got them - but I did! You can just about see the wave rainbows on these two pictures! A phenomenon I've never experienced until the lovely Amy pointed it out to me! Love a rainbow!

Now onto the Blowholes. I had never heard of them so didn't feel the need to be freaked out in the slightest...

They look really quite inconspicuous don't they? They're NOT! It's like a DRAGON'S BREATH! Scary, loud and quite warm! We sat and experienced this madness right on the blowholes! 

There we are! Loving life, being breathed on by a dragon.

My last shot of Albany, we were heading back to Perth this day, but I needed to show just how blue the ocean was - turquoise is a better description! Gorgeous.

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