Thursday, 21 August 2014

Albany: Natural Beauty

I genuinely love Albany. It is stunning. Even when its cloudy, its beautiful. Breathtaking. I feel like I'm on a movie set here!

So Amy takes me to the best places around for stunning views and the craziness of nature. 
I am not disappointed.

Apparently, this trip is a "sign" trip haha!

It's a tad windy...Though I am almost ecstatic to be able to wear my Tardis jumper! 

This is The Gap and Natural Bridge

I've almost got the hang of this tourist pointy thing

The pointy hand strikes again

Now the next few pictures do not replicate how amazing this spot is. It's nature's bass drum. The sheer noise it comes out with is truly awesome! And all just a bit of water on rock. 

I am gripping on for my life

Queen of Rock haha

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