Monday, 4 August 2014

A Taste of Albany

After I had a lovely gall stone attack when I was getting ready to go out (thanks dry cider, never having YOU again!) My lovely friend and "Squish" Amy offered me to pop down to Albany for a few days, and I jumped at the chance.
Now when I say "pop down", it really feels like that here. In the UK, the length of travelling time it takes to get from Perth to Albany would normally be scoffed at and said "FAR too long!" 4 hours drive just doesn't seem that long in Australia!

Anyway, we shared the driving down to Albany, and rocked out to some tunes (mostly Queen) and I met Amy's mum and dad who are frankly awesome!

The furthest south WA I've been has been Augusta, which was beautiful, but I did not count on myself falling in love with this area!

First on the daytripper agenda was to the Swiss Chocolate Shop... Mmmmm... Chocolate!

I have in my grubby mitts some DELICIOUS chocolate!!! I did overspend a bit, but man, this stuff is delicious! In Britain you have so much on offer, and its all yummy, but here there is usually less milk put in the choc because of it melting too easily. It's not as bad as American chocolate (Soz Hersheys, but you are vile to my tastebuds) but it's not as good as what we can get at home. Also, it helps having the chocolate capitals literally a few hours away in the UK! (Mmm Belgian chocolate)

However, this little Swiss Annie's is gorgeous and tucked away. Lovely gardens too. It was raining on and off quite a bit so we didn't get to explore the gardens!

Next was the Tree Top Walk! 
Now I need to explain something, this was pushing me so far out of my comfort zone I couldn't see the line! I am NOT a fan of heights. But, on the recommendation of Amy and family, I sucked it up and joined in. 

Love a good sign

About a third of the way up the walkway, and I am fascinated by the colouring and shapes on these trees!

Amy and Findlay

A soggy pair!

We're not too far up, I am not freaking out just yet

Well, not much...

Concentrate on the colouring of these trees Carla...

They are beautiful though


Over there. Higher still... Gulp!

Yikes! This is not conducive to my panicking right now

Another sign. From bottom to top, I have DONE IT.

I don't know if I am genuinely pleased I am up here, or if it's delirium...

Still time for a selfie during my madness!


Where we're just been

Ok a lot further down now, Am happy to take my arm off the rail...

And now we're getting some love from Mother Nature. Thanks dear!

These photos do not do this effect justice. So beautiful when the sun broke through after the rain!

Gorgeous colours

All right there tall? (Can anyone else see the faces in this too?!)

Little hideyhole

This is much better, on the ground now. Onto The Ancient Empire!

Shadow Selfie...

Findlay getting his nature on!

Thank you for explaining!

This was far too much fun for a 32 year old...

And this is why Albany is nicknamed "Rainbow County"

Apparently I "had" to pose for this haha!

Kangaroos wild and free!

Albany has lovely views from just about everywhere!

Last place on our daytripper itinerary was The Lake House. Another tucked away place of total gorgeousness!

The Lake House, we were sitting just in the window

Ahh... The Squish et moi <3

Lovely posing dear!

Don't. Blink.

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