Wednesday, 18 December 2013

December in the South - Busselton

Suzanne, Simon and I have a weekend away planned... Suze and I are coming down early to have some R&R first on the Thursday, then Simon will be joining us on Saturday afternoon.

The plan is as follows: 
Thursday night Busselton
Friday night Margaret River
Saturday night Augusta
Sunday home

These are the photos we took on arriving in Busselton. A stunning beach, glittery sand and not many people about!

An afternoon posey paddle

Look how clear the water is!

Crazy clear! It's not like Sarrfend (Southend) haha!

Ha... bit too much sun in the face causing the squinty look

A pic of our stuff. As you do.


Apparently Busselton sunset is the best in WA... Glad we got to catch it!

Busselton Jetty at night. Gorgeous! 

Hehe... Our little bench picnic of fish and chips and GIN! We love our picnic bag! ($10 from an op shop! Who knew!)

Mmmmm shark and chips

Beyond delicious!

Having yet another large gin... but I was a bit cold (no longer a warm non-acclimatized Pom, eh!) hence the towel around my shoulders 

This is NOT how you decorate your house Mr Over-Zealous in Adelaide St, Busselton!

This is also questionable.

This is now the next day... I don't generally change my swimsuit more than once a day!


Again a deserted beach, again stunning

Fiddling about with the settings on my camera


A lot it would seem!

That's Suzanne out there - she has made me face my fears and get in the ocean above waist height! Though every single shadow (seaweed mostly) I pretty much crapped my pants and said "What's THAT?!" 

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  1. WOW again, and I'm liking the look of Busselton, and Mr Over-Zealous's house, it's right up my street but then I am a big Strictly Ballroom/Muriel's Wedding fan etc so maybe this all ties in with the general vibe I'm getting from Busselton? It's rating quite highly on the Camp-ometer.

    I also think your towel poncho looks very fitting for the loaction.

    And is that really shark and chips?
    Jeez, I'm a Northern lass, I like my cod.
    Well I did, before I stopped eating live things.

    The scenery is stunning, you must be having such an amazing time! :) xx