Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Have Yourself a Whovian Christmas

We started on the Christmas decorations a bit late... I am loving the Aussie version of "that time of year" as I normally cannot stand the festive season! Mainly because its too cold, but also because I DESPISE too much going on in the decorations department. My Grinch moment: If you decorate the outside of your house, please only use 2 colours. 3 MAX. (but 3 must be tasteful, or else.) It pains my eyes and makes my face hurt when I see all manner of flashy lights, inflatable Santas and the like. 

Anyway... onto our crazy little Aussie Christmas beginnings...

Vader with his hat on 

Milo too

However, I believe the prize of most funny expression whilst wearing a Santa hat goes to Jasmine!

We are cre-a-ting

Good grief

We feel rather chuffed with our handmade tree decorations! 
I did most of the decorating... Whovian OCD and all that. 

I made this!
(Screwdriver not in use.)

Muhhahaha Christmas Car-lek coming to get you!

But LOOK what we created! :D


Just because!

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