Monday, 9 December 2013

The Beach of Loveliness - Cottesloe

Ahhh... Now I love a beach, I have been to a fair few in my time (Yarmouth, Clacton, Skegness, you know- all the greats) but I have to say I'm going to be hard pressed to find another beach as beautiful as Cottesloe (give me time though!)

Having a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment, it was rather windy!

Best part of not working? I get to go to almost completely deserted beaches. What a sight.

Even though I don't climb rocks any more, as the sign is there I kind of want to climb these to be a rebel!

This cheeky little bugger wouldn't leave us alone, I named him Earl.

Hmmm... I think the legs need to come out more, that's a bit of a colour difference!

Not as arty as I'd hoped for haha!

Oh hello there ;)

Suze checking out what's what

Bit windy eh!

Marinated octopus. Now this is again part of my foodie education :) I prefer squid, but I'll eat it if its marinated!

Sausage and potato cakes. Apparently I'm not out of puberty yet (arrangement of a clear child)

Yup, Definitely a child!

Twit twoo!

The view from the bar (The Cott)

Yum yum :)

The "pest" birds. I'd happily let them ravage my garden, they're SO PRETTY!

This is apparently a good thing to do to Simon

Actually not. 

I will beat you!

 Loves my new camera, it does awesome panoramas!

Got to try and beat my mental score of just how beautiful this beach is!

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