Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Grand Day Out

After all my hard work at "school" Suzanne and Paige decided on going to the zoo! I do love a zoo!

So here's some of the best pics of the day

This little man might just tip the balance of my favourite animals in Australia - I do love a Quokka, but a Rock Kangaroo has the funniest little face!

Me, beside a tree. Not particularly exciting!

A kangaroo clearly enjoying himself

Mr Koala wishing everyone would shut up

Effalump having fun

Tiny little rock stars!

Rather amazed to see a full on banana tree

The EPIC standoff between Quokka and Rock Wallaby! The Quokka won, naturally.

Going way too fast!

Ahhh Meerkats, how I love thee!

Obligatory tourist shot.

Attempting to feed the baby

These little cuties were outside the zoo!

Another photo heavy post, but I know you enjoy them!

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