Sunday, 17 November 2013

Guided "tour" and Totes Inappropes in Woolies.

Woke up originally at 6am. NOPE... Thankfully I fell asleep again and woke up again at a respectable half 9.

Here's your "guided tour" of Suzanne & Si's house (the bits I can show you – not others bedrooms!)

My Bedroom!

Me in the bathroom! (You can't see the ridiculous amount of girly things on the counter though...)

A painted Simon!

This is Priscilla. I've just named her. Suzanne approves.

A family after my own heart :) 


By the pool

This is my new friend Gerald WhiteTail. (Not poisonous but can give you a nasty bite)

Lets meet the official pets. They are brilliant by the way. Full of character, and one is truly the funniest dog ever!

This is Vader. Yes named after Darth. And no not as evil. 

This is Jasmine. She's gorgeous, but like most cats, only friendly when she wants feeding!

And this is the "duchess" Milo. She's a beautiful old girl, I think Vader keeps her young. But she keeps him in check!

So after my quick guided tour we did need to go food shopping, and also get our sim cards (family's contracts had run out, and I needed an Oz sim for me!)
After a LONG hour and a half, Suze and I had some extremely authentic Australian cuisine:

OK so not quite Australian... Mandarin Wok I think the place was called?! But it was NOMALICIOUS.

Yep. I ate that mofo right up!

So we went to Woolworths for food. Yep, you read that right. Woolworths. Woolies. No it's not the same chain that went unceremoniously down the pan in the UK (thankfully!) It's just like a supermarket. But not like a Tesco. No alcohol is served here, nor is a lot of medicines. ("Bottle Shop" and Pharmacies are used for them!)
Now, you know when you go to new countries, you always find something that makes you laugh. I found a few...
Now here's the disclaimer: I AM NOT RACIST/PREJUDICE or anything of the like. I just LOVE an inappropriate joke or three. If you're offended after jokes/said disclaimer, maybe this blog isn't for you (Soz!)
Funny things at Woolies:

Barbie McSlutenstein

Morning to you too!

Just one word for you. Tom.

I'll just let you ponder on the last 3 images of exactly how hilarious I found them.
 (Cue crossing legs and tears down my face, uncontrollable hysterics)

Does anyone else find this as funny as I do?!

Bahahahaaa OK then!

This is all for now, I have "school" tomorrow doing my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) clearly because Australians need to learn the QUEENS ENGLISH. (I jest of course, its for SE Asia)
I may not blog a lot about it, but we'll see! There might be interesting things happening!


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