Friday, 15 November 2013

To Gatwick, and Beyond!

Here we go!
For those of you who do not know me, my name's Carla-Jayne and I'm just embarking on my round the world travels.
For those of you who do know me, here's the eagerly anticipated first "official" blog post!

My rough plan is: To visit and tour as much of Australia as I can, plus tour/work in New Zealand, and tour/work in SE Asia. I also have India, S Africa, S America, Canada and certain states in the USA I have on my hitlist, depends on money!

I'd only had about 3 hours sleep due to the sheer excitement and terror combined about what I was shortly about to embark on. My state of mind was not pretty. But frilled with sparkly joy about my journey.
Of all the things people said to me before my trip – spiders and snakes etc... the one thing I haven't been is nervous. Just eager to get to Perth and start my adventure. Wondering if that's my gung-ho attitude and if it will get me in trouble later on!  

My much needed cuppa at 3am... shortly to move on the road to Gatwick. Bless my sister and niece for taking me and seeing me off... Best times of myself jumping up and down in my seat in the car bouncing along to Jungle Mania 2!
So we finally hit Gatwick (after one point absolutely crying with laughter at the satnavs weird accent. He did sound a bit like Evan - Steve Carrell's scene in the studio off Bruce Almighty!)

Quick pics required: 

I've also been set some challenges by Jo and Sofi:
Swim with dolphins (ewww do you KNOW about dolphins-dirty buggers!)
She did say bungee jump but even if I didnt have a bad back I deffo wouldn't! Maybe sky diving... but we'll see.
Sofi wants me to pet a turtle
CHLOE however wants me to take a pic in each state with a hottie. Great challenge, we'll see!

Breakfast of champions in Gatwick (Full English) plus a pink lemonade. Nom. 
Bought some sneaky perfume too. Shouldn't have (£80+!) but I needed it. Well, wanted it. Well... couldn't leave the airport without it. They were calling to me! The new Cacharel Amor Amor Flash smells DIVINE on me! And I've been after V&R Flower Bomb for absolutely ages. Just hope it wasn't another rookie mistake and will attract all manner of bugs and bites.

I got a major bonus in securing an exit seat - well I did turn up 45 mins early for check in!  - and found myself sitting next to two MAJOR HOTTIES. I did feel like a total perv taking a pic of them whilst snoozing:

They did look better when talking, honest.
The one on the right was staying in Dubai, whereas lefty here was getting on the same flight as me!

Took lots of pics of clouds. Why do I love them so much? And some scenery. But Gatwick-Dubai is a pretty boring flight outside, but I couldn't see a whole lot due to the window being really far forward!

The flight attendants Gatwick-Dubai were lovely, fun and kept us sorted out with snacks and drinks... and helping me when flailing with the fandangley table and screen!
Not too much to report on here as it was kinda dull. The flight seemed quicker - but I think that may have been due to my starry eyed moments with the guys!
Poor Tom (Australian left bloke) was getting the transfer, and as I'd not done a transfer flight before had given him the puppy dog eyes... "I have no idea what I'm doing". So he obliged with letting me tag along!

Flight staff Dubai-Perth were not so friendly. Maybe they knew it was a boring flight as everyone is sleeping? (Except me!) managed about 2-3 hours on my side, but it was just dozing. I really hate that I cant sleep anywhere except a bed- I'm gonna have to change that!

Such a quiet flight though, almost everyone in my section has a whole row to themselves (myself included- SO GLAD I have the overnight flight so it is quiet. Must remember that! Nearly 11 hours is LONG for a single flight.

Clearly I'm excited about that.
I AM SO EXCITED – only another 4202km (4 hrs 40-yes I did take this pic before I blogged) The first flight went so quickly, a mere 6 and a half hours. I think having sexy men to chinwag to helped. (Chloe I really really wanted to ask him about our challenge but wimped out! Might see if I can just get a non-kissy pic at the airport hahaha)

Around 3 hours to go: Feel extremely scabby about being in the same clothes for so long. Am going to wash my face and put makeup on in a cpl of hours, then get changed into my Perth clothes- If I'm in my jeggings, socks and tardis tee I might actually implode with the heat. Plus I need to be Freshy!

Scabby Carla

Not so scabby Carla!

Just a few of my view - Gorgeous!

Geek-o Excited-o

Was Freshy, immediately regretted the makeup as I was sweating quite badly once leaving the airport!
Speaking of leaving the airport, once we touched down I never got to say goodbye to Hottie McHotser Tom :( and I started feeling really sick. (Lame) 
Weird feeling hangover/sick/sealegs oddness. The best way I can explain it is when you've been in the sea for ages with the waves, being hungover with the whole needing to put a foot on the floor and waves of nausea. Yay me! Faye said it was because I went from being upright in the UK to upside down in Australia. I'm sticking with that excuse!

Suze picked me up in about 20 mins, so we had a sneaky drink at the airport - Smirnoff Ice for me! Then a quick trip to the bottle shop!

Where's Suzanne?

Here she is!

In the car - too excited!

Haaa caught ya Mrs!

Got to my new home for the near future!

Had much needed snooze (had about 2-3 hours on plane in total of 19 hours travelling)
then dinner of spag bol and yet more sleep around 11!

So... first day done! More to come - I'll keep you posted!

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