Saturday, 23 November 2013

"School" and pootling

I thought (whilst in the UK) that I'd be clever and go to my TEFL course in Perth as the Cambridge one was cancelled due to low numbers. What I didn't really think about was that it was my first weekend in Australia, and that I'd be on a very long weekend course!
Ah well.
I got to see the Christmas lights being put out - so weird seeing that when it's hot!
And I got to see a bit of shiny shiny Perth!


Oooh shiny!

Actually really pretty Xmas decs

A road leading to the river's edge

The Bell Tower

Jacoranda Tree - Apparently women love these because they're purple and pretty and looks like fairies on the ground, and men hate them because they make a purple mess on the floor!

Because Suzanne had kindly driven me to the city, and we both thought there would be rush hour traffic (nah, not on a Saturday!) I had half an hour to kill before the course started, so we had a little pootle to Kings Park. Only a little one, but we did witness some bloke stacking it down the hill where Suze was taking pics of me!

Obligatory tourist shot

Selfie time!

Suzanne and myself are masking the bloke that fell... but we did laugh at him. Sorry mate!

So school for the first day was pretty uneventful, I made some new friends, but we're all a bit tentative with each other (as you would normally have in a roomful of strangers) but I could see that most of the people in there I could easily see myself being friends with - that's always a good feeling!

So we got let out early, and one of the girls very sweetly offered me a lift home, so I thought "When I get in I'm getting in that pool." Bearing in mind I hadn't been in the pool yet. But Simon explained to me it ideally needed to be skimmed as there was a bit of grass debris from the recent mowering... So I became renamed 'Brad The Pool Boy'.

"Brad" hard at work

Pretty colours! Looking forward to seeing this over the ocean.

Selfie with an apparently haunted pool skimmer in the background

No, it's not haunted... it's just Simon.

So after all that strenuous work I decided against jumping in the pool. It was later than I realised and I decided cider was more important.

Beer O'clock!

Did manage to capture this beautiful shot on Saturday night just before I flopped into bed. 3 ciders and a long day I was in bed by 10pm!


So the lovely Carly picked me up (yup, we had Carla, Carly, Kathy and Calli on the course... should have full named myself or gone with CJ) and was what I thought to be yet another uneventful but brain expanding day... Well it was until lunch. Then the NAUGHTY KIRSTY lead me astray with some seriously sexy cider: 

The cider which I DESTROYED at lunch. We decided it was needed after thoroughly entertaining our fellow students with our roleplay fun... Those of you at home, you know I put my hand up first for volunteering. Any bit of acting DAHLING!

So, the rest of the class was completed in a food coma/cider haze... but it was really good in all!

On the way back (Thank you again Carly!) we were treated to a street performer with a crystal ball. I *wish* I'd have taken a picture of him - he was ace! Just think of Jarreth The Goblin King (Labyrinth film) with how he played with his crystal balls (snort) but this was a gigantic one! It was visually amazing. 
Me being the complete tit and total tourist, didn't even realise we was busking. I'm so used to pushy buskers at home it didn't even cross my mind to give him some change. Next time I see him I'll get a picture and make sure I give him some change!

Now TODAY I got to go in the pool!
However they don't warn you that the warmer it is outside the colder the water feels! My face...

Clearly cider makes everything better.

I thought it would also be funny to get my laptop, skype a cpl of people (sorry Jo) and take some pics of me in the pool. No, I did not drop it in the pool (thankfully)

Apparently I'm hilarious to myself

I also did a sneaky video (on 2 ciders and an empty stomach) because I thought it was funny.

Aaaaand that's about it for the weekend!

Perth Zoo and more to come!

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