Thursday, 2 January 2014

December in the South - Augusta!

En route to Augusta I saw some beautiful sights. Unfortunately, this was the only photo I could take as we were trying to get there asap!

The fabulous view from our "Front lawn". We're in a lovely cottage type building - only after Suzanne and I had had a sneaky sleep in another's room - we were meeting quite a few of Simon and Suze's friends and we'd booked a few rooms! So when everyone got here we'd been told to move!  

Just down the bottom of the lawn

Our little home from home ("Tardis" in view)

View from the front room!

Suze and I decided we needed to go on a little trip and get to the lighthouse - where two oceans meet. Thankfully we did stop every so often to get good pictures like these:

Nice little pose for you ha

Suzanne thought this would be a great place to sleep - Erm ok you can sleep here!

As we were on our way, we wanted to take a good ocean view route to the lighthouse, and we happened upon a road newly named "SCENIC ROUTE TO THE LIGHTHOUSE" so off we trundled down this road:

This road was like this for a good 10 minutes... We started to think we'd been had! Scenic route my arse... But then - 

There's the lighthouse - all the way down there! Finally we're on the scenic route, such a lovely view!

Here's another nice view for you!

Back on the road... we think, "well that was nice"... Little do we realise what the scenic route has in store for us!

Well, we had to investigate what Skippy Rock was about!

How beautiful is this?!

Cheeky waves trying to get us

On Skippy Rock! In a frock... It's coming soon Tom (Priscilla fans will understand!)

Found a few friends

Skippy Rock has GLITTERYNESS!!! I love it! (Using the Star Filter)


Loads of these... Could have had a great crab dinner if they didn't keep running away!

Poncey posey pic for you.

Haa! Fancied being hilarious for a second!

Next stop : Quarry Bay

Almost deserted beautiful bay... (Only two people!)

Shell picking

Panoramic of the bay. I love how unspoiled it is. Western Australia are constantly trying to repair the damage of their beaches and have many conservation areas. I love this. I am not a fan of over - touristy areas (particularly beaches!)

Beautiful bit of dried seaweed! It looks like a snowflake!

Very interested to know what this was...! We were not disappointed!

I just found this utterly enchanting. It's a gorgeous place.

Rock pools everywhere!

I was getting a lot braver, after clambering all over and around Skippy Rock I thought about doing the same here. Glad I followed my (tentative) adventurous instinct!

The colours are just amazing!

Suzanne found me a little present! Some poor crab is wandering around with only one claw...

Finally we made it to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Notice on the bottom of the board... This is why I found it so interesting, but also it just baffles my mind! Two oceans meet... Do the fish have a fence they don't go over? Or do they have a set of flags (you know, seaweed flags?!) I think I watch too many Disney films...

All the Southern Ocean above

Below... The Indian Ocean!

We had a bit of a "bush walk" to get to this part and lots of serious drops so we only saw this view. Still amazing!

An old relic footprint, or just a freaky pattern of nature?!

With the Southern Ocean in the background

The lighthouse!

We decided to not go actually up to the lighthouse in favour of having a milkshake (mine) and iced coffee (Suzanne's) and just enjoy the view. Definitely the right decision!

The rest of Augusta was checking into the hotel (and originally checking in wrong...) having dinner with Simon and Suzannes biker mates, dinner, getting a bit drunk, accidentally nicking a bag of ice - I said to Si I'd pick it up, whilst he paid, then he picked up another bag as we were halfway down the hill back to our cottage! Total tea leaf! 
Then there was merriment, more drinking, and being made to be a performing monkey. I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this knows I can sing... But Si and Suze LOVE to make their monkey sing eh! Who knows... maybe I'll be made to warble in front of the right people...! (Wishing!)

Next up is back to Bunbury to see the dolphins again!

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  1. WOW! What an enchanting place indeed! I love it, reminds me of West Wales in vibe, and as you know that is my spiritual home lol - maybe this place is yours :)

    And I agree with this:

    '' Panoramic of the bay. I love how unspoiled it is. Western Australia are constantly trying to repair the damage of their beaches and have many conservation areas. I love this. I am not a fan of over - touristy areas (particularly beaches!) ''

    I love this too, all of it.

    Keep rocking (pardon the pun) and singing for your supper CJ! :) xx