Friday, 3 January 2014

December in the South - Bunbury (Again)

After our short trip to Bunbury we decided to get up early from Augusta and go to see the dolphin centre again. We only paid $9 to get in the Dolphin Discovery Centre - and you get in 3 times with this! Bargain! Also, what they DON'T tell you, is that the dolphins are more likely to visit the interaction site between 8am-11am, rather than when we turned up at 2ish the first time...

So we left around 7am and trundled off back to Bunbury (it was on the way home anyway!) We had only been there about half an hour before the bell rang! A dolphin was in the bay, close to the interaction site! Hoorah!

This is Calypso! She's identified by her marks and scratches on her dorsal fin.

This was the closest she came to us. Still awesome!

Suzanne and I decided to book an Eco-Cruise - I had just missed out on the Whale Watching Season (I will see them!) So we're waiting in the shade on the beach for the boat.

You can just see this cheeky little dolphin having a flip, this was before we'd got on the boat!

Our ride

Some sights along the way

Rather excited to be on the boat!

Those birds are such mucky pups... Look at all that white stuff!

Go on you fly off you dirty birds...!

Our first sighting on the boat!

They're so quick, I never seem to catch them in time!

Suze in the apparently "best seat in the house"... You get to see the dolphins swim under the boat! And indeed they did that! 

Cooeeee over here!

Some more sights and a pelican!

Loving life!

Caught ya!

Suze also loving life

Two intrepid explorers... Ok Daytrippers!

LOVE THIS FILTER!!! Just look at them clouds!

It was resting by the breaker, apparently dolphins only sleep for 30 seconds at a time

Also napping. Everyone loves a nanna nap!

The female was closest to us, swimming on her back to let them know she's ready for mating. Randy mare.

Another frankly awesome filter shot

Casually swimming away from us!

Thank you for posing dear!

Aaaand that's all folks! We drove home after this and I discovered I'd taken over 600 photos... Worth it.

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  1. Wonderful! I know what you mean about being excited to be on the boat as well lol - this post reminded me of when we go out on the boat in Cardigan Bay and watch the bottlenose dolphins swimming there. Sometimes they bow-ride the boat. Good to know there are dolphins in Oz too, I find that strangely reassuring :D Keep enjoying your trip, please say hello to Suzanne as well, from me and from lovely Wales xx