Thursday, 20 February 2014

Belated Chrissy-mas

So apparently I'm rubbish at writing this blog it would seem! Here comes the epic photo blogs of everything that's happened over the last 2 months!

First up: CHRISTMAS! I know you got to see the Whovian Christmas post, but it wasn't actually Christmas then! Here's the selection of photos with witty comments underneath. Well, sort-of funny comments. Well... probably only funny to me. But hey! It's Christmas! (Well it WAS... Oh I'll shut up now)

Wolfy-lamb was super excited to have blood red tinsel

Peace Si, which means give it a rest :p

Myself and the lovely Ichabod.

The most enthusiastic Christmas elves EVER.

Ha. Simon is clearly in the spirit!

I had just got over a lovely 5 hour gallstone attack (from 4am - 9am, yay my life) excuse the tentative face.

The Chrimbles :)

Vader so happy to be having his prezzies!

The excited faces of present opening!

Hehe. My present I got Simon. Tom Baker (4th Doctor) kitchen apron! Shame he doesnt actually cook...

Princess perfume for a beautiful princess 

FAR TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE FOR ONE GIRL! Ok I'm kidding. Totally ate it all within 3 days. 
Not sorry.

The most splendiferous dressing gown, nicely topped off with his foam antlers. Stylish!

Best Christmas ever. In the pool, 30 degree heat and booze! What more could a girl want?

So later on we had our "Christmas Dinner" which was a massive bbq! Yay! But first we had to get the actual bbq working...

He ended up singeing his hair and eyebrows. Stay classy Si!

Slightly better hair and happier tummy, bring on the meat!

We're a happy bunch here!

Slightly deranged looks with our utensils in hand! But what a bbq it was! Totally delish.

And here concludes our Chrissy-mas post. Be merry and joyous and all that jazz.

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