Monday, 24 February 2014

Bits, Bobs and In-Betweensies

Here we have a few odd photos that I thought you might appreciate. And one VERY HOT day at Lesmurdie Falls - a little hike in 40 degree heat. We're super clever we are!

The Becs and I larking around. Sisters from other misters! And Anthony lurking in the back ground haha

Had time to have a few painty jams - "vegemites" here in Down Under! This lovely lady let me paint her bump!

Of course it would be Doctor Who - what else am I going to paint?!! Haha!

Now onto our little -slighty-too-warm- hike to Lesmurdie Falls

"The View". Perth is actually in the back ground there...

See, there it is! (After major zooming in)

The Falls. As its a bit hot, obviously there's not a lot of water!

I do not like heights.

I'm doing quite well to be smiling. I genuinely do not like heights!

"Couple Awesome"

Here's the little creek that is at the bottom of the 1k hike, I thought I'd take some arty farty photos

And one of me :)

And then... as I was taking photos I couldn't help but notice, what I thought was flies at first, in fact was TINY FROGS OF AWESOME!
 So hard to get them whilst they're still, but I think I managed 2 good shots!

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