Monday, 17 March 2014

Penguin Island

Kim, Suzanne and I decided to have a day out to Penguin Island!

Just a few whilst waiting for the ferry across. You can walk along the sandbar - but if you fall off its a 10ft drop, plus a couple of rather silly tourists have drowned. Plus I like boats so off we went on the ferry!

Quick selfie on the beach

Some arty farty shots for you

A quick snap of on the ferry. In a filter (naturally)

Penguins! These are called "Little Penguins" but they used to be called "Fairy Penguins". Why can't they be called Fairy ones any more? Is this discriminating against the more effeminate ones? 
(HERE is a rather funny forum chat on why "they" have changed the name of Fairy to Little Penguins. Just a wee bit of food for thought.)

These penguins are in the pool because they can't fend for themselves on the outside, or are recuperating (same thing really) 

Greedy guts.

Having a good old swim above
Below having a nice preen

Thank you for posing boys!

Now we're off on our "Glass Bottom Boat" tour. Lots of zoomed in, action shots and a couple of selfies.

Apparently this is the feature of our tour. Glass bottom boat. Glassy bubbles mostly. Luckily there was lots to see as opposed to trying to decipher what was under the boat. Bearing in mind that the water out here rarely is deeper than 5 feet... Lots of seaweed!

Flock of pelicans

Our first glimpse at the sea lions!

I think this is Camel Rock... But I could be wrong!

Lots of hidey-holes for numerous species!

An Eagle! I believe its a sea eagle, but I could be wrong!

Everybody enjoys a midday snooze! 

Clearly I need to point out there's SEA LIONS

These guys rarely move whilst snoozing, but these two were interested in the boat. But not enough to swim out to meet us!

Coz everybody needs to see rocks.

A nest in a rock crevice? Who knew?

At this point we'd just taken a nice shot of me... None of us knew what was lurking RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

Can you guess what it is yet?

Mr Sea Lion you are not obeying the RULES

Slight terror and amazement makes for an interesting facial expression...

After our crazy encounter we took a leisurely stroll around the island...

I am down there!

Still amazed at how clear the water is here. Not like England, where (on the East Coast at least) its a lovely shade of BROWN.

We met another mother, this time with chicks rather than just the egg!

Another rock for you

Kim walking up the sand bank a bit

Rather sad to be leaving the island!

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