Monday, 17 March 2014

Caversham Wildlife Park

Another day trip, this time with Simon, and off to Caversham Wildlife Park we trot!

Simon seems superlatively impressed with the lawn grass. We'd not even entered the park...

A very pale kangaroo! Possibly an albino, or maybe just blonde?

Here we go, Simon up to his old "Animal Whisperer" tricks!

This guy below is my FAVOURITE species of owl EVER. The Tawny Frog Mouth. I LOVE THEM!

Not sure why he got lunch and the others had to wait... but when you gotta eat, you gotta eat!

Pure excitement face with the frog mouth

 Baby is tired!

And so is the GINORMOUS wombat!

Full on sparko. Wombat is clearly living the life!

Sime chatting up the local birds

Not quite sure what Simon is up to here.

Hooray! I have found another thing that belongs to me!!

The colours on this guy are amazing. The camera does not do him justice!

A fuzzy bear... and a koala. Deep in conversation!

This is the life apparently. Eat, Sleep, Eat... Repeat.

Love koalas. So cute and seemingly cuddly, but their claws are not to be messed with. And apparently can give you chlamydia! (Kim delighted in telling me this... about one of the guys off One Direction apparently! These pop stars and their fetishes eh?!) 

A nice little jaunt in the park's farmyard part...

Louise... the one on the left is just for you :)

I made sure I took a picture of this one... It's definitely from my heritage (all Mitchell jokes aside) Here you go Mummatron!

This one above is Kim's new best friend!

I made sure I took pictures of these two above, for the "Alpaca Crew" in the UK... Nutters.

Say cheese!

Now here is the LAZIEST KANGAROO EVER. Didn't move, we thought he was dead! Kim waved food under its nose and he ate it. WITHOUT MOVING. Blimey these roos have a sweet deal in this park!

And now for a few feeding shots of the kangaroos. In the park they're really docile (and well fed) so they just chill and if they feel peckish they'll grab a handful of feed from you. No aggressiveness, just cute and cuddly!

Apparently Suzanne thought it was appropriate to take a picture of a kangaroos balls. 

Here's looking at you kid

Hmmm... More please?

A Joey in the pouch!

This one is a small wallaby I think? Anyway, it just LOVES a scratch!

Heeeeey! Food please!

Here is the angriest swan EVER.

And a good note to leave on... my newest favourite animal... The QUOKKA!!!

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