Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bali - Lovina (Photo Set)

We're off to the North of Bali today - to Lovina 
The trip is organised through Granny's hostel, we go with their drivers and up to Heidi and Balto's place in Lovina. 
The itinerary goes as this:
Leave Kuta
Stop off at the Coffee Plantation 
Lunch in the mountains
Meet the monkeys at the Two Lakes
Trek through the rice paddies
Jump off a waterfall
Arrive in Lovina for dinner with music from the locals!

However, as all good plans do... the above didn't "quite" happen. We did go to the coffee plantation and lunch with spectacular views, but none of us were really quite up to the trek, and I can't jump off a waterfall, so we asked if we could do things we'd do the next day instead

So it went like this:
Leave Kuta
Stop off at the Coffee Plantation
Lunch in the mountains
Meet the monkeys at the Two Lakes
Swim in Banjar Hot Springs
Visit the Buddhist Temple Brahmavihara-Arama 
Lovina beach for the sunset
Arrive back at the homestay for dinner and music from the locals!

We have a big day ahead of us! 

I love all of these super majestic statues!

Our lunchtime view

Our visit to the coffee plantation, where they create the super expensive POO COFFEE... please look HERE for the explanation - its not the same place we visited (at least, I don't think it is) so I guess there's a few plantations here in Bali that do the Poo (Luwak) coffee!

And so now we come to meet the MONKEYS!!! I've never seen wild monkeys before, only ones in safari parks or zoos, so this was so much fun! There is someone there with lots of fruit on sale so you can feed them!
We stopped where the two lakes meet - Buyan and Tamblingan Lake

We stopped again, and met a few more new friends!

Off to the Banjar Hot Springs...

We finally reach the Buddhist Temple Brahmavihara-Arama. This place literally takes your breath away. I am utterly astounded by this place. Its cut into the mountain, with a view of the ocean when you're right at the top. Just stunning.

And finally, we get to Lovina Beach!

After dinner music...!

This guy... Below! There's a loose "tradition" of dancing with the tourists... Which basically goes like this - He'll get up and dance in a vague traditional style, then offer you a shot of the local Arak (moonshine basically) - BUT you must dance, then offer someone else a shot who then has to get up, dance and offer another shot... and so on. This is termed "One Drink One Dance!"

And a couple of grainy rubbishy videos for you to enjoy... Just listen!

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