Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Beginning of 2014

Normally, in January I'm a hermit. Full on hermit, because I'm unable to leave the house due to the crazy English weather (last year was a foot of snow, this year however I am glad that I've left my Mummatron in a house that is on a hill! Major flooding and gale force winds. Way to go England!)
So now being in Australia, I'm delighted to inform that I shall go to the ball! I can go out in a t shirt and shorts and not have corned beef legs! I can actually walk in flip flops not massive wellington boots! 

This thought pleases me :)

So, with a slight hangover, we embrace our new year - my resolution is to "Have fun, and love myself"

Becca thoroughly excited to be having a blow up sword and shield from the yum cha restaurant, Dragon Palace.

Anthony and Bec with their fun blow up toys!

Amazing churned rainbow ice cream with sherbet! Amazeballs.

How cool is this? In the middle of the CBD (Central Business District) is a beach sandbox with deckchairs and a tv playing the surf with surfy music! I am in heaven.

Loving life

Super far away shot showing exactly how big this screen was!

So now we go onto the arrival of KIMBERLEY!!!! Kim is from where I'm from (kind of, different town, you never admit to being from the town Kim is from haha) So we decided to go to Cottesloe, Kim's favourite beach in WA. To be fair, I love it too. Well, I did love it, til I got "dumped" in the ocean. Now I don't like it so much! I prefer calmer, less wave-y/surfy waters.

Just getting settled in the sand

Kim's happy to be "home"

I'm clearly an Aussie now. It's still quite warm but below 30 degrees so I'm wearing a jumpery thing.


I don't like the waves waaah!

Yaaay! I'm in the ocean above my knees! (This is a big thing for me you know)

And so onto a few more beachy shots from different times. 

I'd given up the Cottesloe Sunday Sesh as a bad thing (for me, just find people at the Ocean Beach Hotel - OBH - to be more than a bit pretentious and "too cool for school". I'm a geek and proud!)
So I took myself off and then spotted the beautiful sunset, so stopped and took pictures and watched it til it was gone. A much better use of an evening for me!

Onto yet another day at Cottesloe. This time we meet the lovely Zoe on her short trip to Australia.
These girls crack me up. "I want to make a hole in the sand and be buried in it!"... All righty then!

This is my lovely previously mentioned in another post Amy, who we have now defined our friendship as being each other's Squishy. The Urban Dictionary explains this term HERE 

No need to ask her to pose like a creep. She. Just. Knows.

I think Kim is now regretting her holey business

You can just make out the mermaid tail we gave her too!

Now its Zoe's turn. We are super classy and adult about this. As you can see below. Majorly mature.

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