Thursday, 20 February 2014

Scaly, Slimy and Slithery!

From the title you may think I am describing menfolk of the creepy kind... I'm not! 
We had a little afternoon jaunt to Armadale Reptile Centre, as those of you who know me, know I love a reptile! (I used to own a Red Tail Boa Constrictor called Bob!)

Here we have some of the better photos of the Centre.

So cute! These guys are actually really small and bobbing about in the water

Hello to you too!

These guys have the BEST faces!

Hey... I'm on this rock here... Want to join me?

Absolute crack up!

Gorgeous and a big one!

All I love frogs. They're so funny looking

Simon is animal whispering again. He does this a lot.

And we met Mitchell the Stimpsons Python - according to my rule, I now own this snake, as its named after me. Along with the Major Mitchell cockatiels and the Mitchell Freeway...

He's a friendly fellow. The snake, not Simon.
Ok, Si is a little bit friendly...

You'd think it was a fluffy bunny the way I'm cooing at it.

Gis a kiss Mitchell! 

He felt the need to have a little jaunt around my neck!

Dirty little flasher

You'd think this would be epic lounging around. You havent seen ANYTHING LIKE lounging til this next fella!


This young critter was not even on the list! I saw him on the glass!! Crazy fast, I had trouble getting a picture!

I'm touching a kookaburra!

These are my favourite owls. Tawny Frogmouth. Just amazing!

Simon bird whispering again. This bird is called Vinny, and apparently doesn't like ANYONE. Wrong! He loves Simon!

I took over scratching the head - as soon as he realised it was me and not Si - BAM! Went for my finger! Cheeky bugger!

Selfie time haha! Smile Vinny!

Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon at Armadale Reptile Centre, I highly recommend it! Super cheap, and lots of fun. The staff were awesome and had stories to tell as well!

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