Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Graffiti Central

Day 3 of Melbs, hungover and tired but a good night. I decided to have a mooch around the city. 
Firstly a good Nandos brunch and I'm set to go!

This is my house.

Here we have the beginnings of awesome graffiti. This was in a shopping centre. 

Concrete Jungle is massive, apparently.

Just a couple of shots around the city centre

The start of an amazing set of graffiti!

This sign shouldn't have made me laugh as much as it did... *childish snigger alert*

Here we go! These are the following amazing shots of Hosier Street just up from Parliament Square. I only took these on my phone as I'd left my camera in the hotel (doh)

I love the derpy Ninja Turtle

One derp face to another

So as I'm marvelling at all the amazing graffiti, I am watching these guys in the right of the panorama and wonder what they're looking at. I look up...

Absolutely outstanding. And I am kicking myself I don't have my awesome camera :(

My alien sister :)

Caught some guys in action 

Ok... *breaks out in interpretive dance*

Some of these have been here for a looooong time!

My favourite piece

Off I go for more mooching, my phone was dying rapidly and I wanted to take a few more photos. I'm hoping to get back to the lane once more before I leave Melbs.

The roof of a shopping centre. Nuts!

This is outside one of the Universities. Love it. Though kind of reminds me of Orlando's Ripley's Believe It Or Not thing that's also set in the pavement!

Derpy dog says...

Free comedy show in the afternoon. Surprisingly funny. 4 Korean men in onesies not speaking a whole lot. Mostly noises!

I was hoping SO MUCH to go to this show... But the day I could go, it wasn't on. Oh well!

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