Tuesday, 3 June 2014

A Coastal Tour

Another day of touring, this time Paul is taking me down the coastal route to visit a few places I'll be interested in.
I love all things coastal, I really love seeing natural, unspoilt coastlines...well, majority of anything to do with nature!

(These photos I believe aren't in chronological order!)


Made a friend :)


This is my bro's old stomping ground, he used to live here. I could totally live here!

I don't know what this is... It confuses me!

I fell in love with this town a little bit. Quaint, quiet and one of the craziest beaches I've seen so far! They've put up massive man made sandbanks to stop the ocean from destroying the coastline any more, and I believe the rocks were put there too? Not entirely sure, but it made for some great crashing waves!

I found this beach to be the most dramatic, and with a few decent filters, made uber dramatic!

I love log

 And thus concludes our coastal jaunt. Next up is a few odds and sods, then our trip to Arthur's Seat!

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