Sunday, 29 June 2014

Penguin Island Fail and Rotto

The lovely Natalie arrived in Perth for a few days, so we had organised a quick trip to Penguin Island! Julia came with us as she's not been either...

Sadly, it was far too rough on the sea for the little ferry, so the island was closed to the public *sadface* so we decided to have a little jaunt on the beach... However! Natalie fails to tell me until we're on the beach that she DOESN'T LIKE SAND... Thanks Nassles... Now I feel bad!
This is how bad I felt...

Apparently it was cold!

Ok, yeah it was a bit nippy as the sun went in. And rather windy, hence the face as my legs were getting whipped by sand!

We decided to have a little posing sesh on the pier, you can see the ferry anchored a safe distance away!

Us lovely, slightly chilly girlies!

Another day, another trip - Nassles (Natalie) and I booked to go to Rottnest Island!

Our journey on the ferry was pleasant and uneventful, so not much to say. However, Nassles did let me know that she hadn't ridden a bike for about 14 years (I think) so things were about to get interesting...
There are very few cars on Rottnest (Rotto) and people are invited to hire a bike, or use the tour buses or even walk if you have the time!

Nassles did NOT enjoy her bicycle experience. 

Not even gone that far before we both needed to pause and actually read the map and decide where to go! Cue us going backwards and both complaining that our bums hurt from the ridiculously hard bike seats!

However... the pictures below are why we came to Rotto!!


I just want to put him in my rucksack and take him home!


My wheels

The next few photos are of the lovely Parakeet Bay on Rotto where Nassles and I parked up and watched the solar eclipse. This is the only beach I remember the name of...

After our little rest (bum ache is NOT the one!) we trooped back to the ferry port, and spotted these little (well, not that little) fellas on the roadside! Gorgeous!

Another totally adorable quokka for you!

And lastly, a lesser spotted CJ wanting to take this anchor home as I love everything sailory!

A thoroughly good day out, even if we were a bit sore after! And our skipper was Bruce Wayne... Whoops, sorry *ahem* BATMAN

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