Monday, 9 June 2014

Arthur's Seat

Had a couple of lovely family oriented days staying at Paul and Myriams and just relaxing (well, there was a joint 2 year old's birthday party I attended, and used my honed entertainer skills to herd them to get their food - Paul and Myriam were utterly bemused at my power muhahahahahaaa)

We had a lovely day visiting Arthur's Seat and Dromana for a gorgeous afternoon. Thank you rain for staying away!

Utterly stunning view through the overgrown trees on top of Arthurs Seat

Ooh getting a bit fancy with the filter

Ahh siblings :)

Myriam and I

A tall tree. Just thought you'd like it. I did!

Another viewpoint

As cool as a cucumber

Ahh good things come in small packages :) Love how little she is next to my giantesque stature!

Being true tourists!

Our last view before heading down into Dromana

A small wander around Dromana beach, everyone was eating lunch on the picnic area so I had a quick pootle around. Can't resist a beach shot.

One of the little squidgys at the party, too cute!

I haven't really mentioned this before in my blog, but EVERYWHERE I go I see dopplegangers (doubles) of people. I literally see them every week. This week in Melbourne, I managed to take a picture, as I never usually get time or opportunity to not look like a mental...
This guy is the spitting image of my recently made friend Terry Molloy!

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