Sunday, 15 June 2014

Melbs Last Day - Graffiti Mk 2, A Ginger and an ATTACK!

I had one last day to explore the city, and had a chance to meet up with one of my best friends sisters, so off I popped to Melbourne one more...!

After meeting Michelle and her friend at Flinders Street Station, I said we absolutely had to go to the "graffiti street", however they'd already been down it! But I suspected (Correctly, damn I'm good!) that they had only been down one of the streets, and not in the side street, nor noticed the epic piece of art you will only see if you either turn around whilst walking down Hosier Lane, or walk up from Parliament Square! 

My most favourite piece down on the ground

The Ginge and I...

This is the bit you'd miss if you didn't turn around... I got the girls to look up!!

I think they were impressed :)

I think this is my second favourite, I love everything related to dance, even though I am pretty rubbish at it myself!

I sent the girls off to a show at the Melbourne Comedy Festie, I recommended Geraldine Quinn's MDMA: Modern Day Maiden Aunt of course!

Then I had my last wander around Melbs this time around. Despite the rain it was really nice to see the city lit up. 

You hear that boys, you can only step here if you're a lady!

Looked a bit like Big Ben to me...!

And this is Melb's equivalent to the Eiffel Tower!

La Residence Du Chloe

Flinders Street Station at Night

Pretty lights, soggy girl

And then we come to my final part of Melbourne and Victoria... and the ATTACK!!!!

So there I was, innocently watching Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs on the tv, tucked up in a blanket (surprisingly, Australia is not always warm) and engrossed... and SOMETHING plops onto my head.
Now I had my hair down, so tried to shake this something out of my hair. I started panicking because whatever this something was it was clinging onto my tresses for dear life! After having a mild heart attack, I finally managed to get said something out of my hair, and it fell onto the blanket. The something was a GINORMOUS PREYING MANTIS! Stunned for a millisecond, before the bloody thing reared up at me in attack position! Now I finally freaked, threw the blanket off me and ran screaming into the kitchen, and cried at Myriam to come and rescue me. Bearing in mind... I am a large 5ft10, and Myriam is a short 5ft... She gave me the "mum" look and came to save me. Meanwhile, the bloody preying mantis had disappeared!

On my last day... This stuff of nightmares creature decided to say goodbye (or maybe a threat?!) 
Anyway, I caught him on camera. Whilst nervously giving him the eyeball, I may have uttered a few expletives and possibly an insult or two...

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