Friday, 16 May 2014

Cospaint Ball

As the previous blog stated, I had a PARTAY to go to! Clearly I don't get out enough...

I always love a chance to go to a painty party, they're always a good craic! 
So the theme is "Cosplay" to Costume Play to your heart's content. Unfortunately, I have TOO MUCH TO PLAY WITH! I love all things spacey, and I had also wanted to be painted a bit too.
So below... my choices. Clearly the TARDIS dress won..

On to the party room (Suzannes, naturally) for pre drinks and painting!

Raelene doing her stuff

Excited face at being painted... We were both quite pissed by this time!

Shoes came off pretty quickly... 

Everyone giving it some welly on the dance floor

Oh dear...

Rather amused by Danica's facial expression!

Yup. We were pissed as farts.

I found my Goblin King!

Please let me have Toby!!!

Woohoo sexy steampunk Amanda!

My new best friend Chardonnay! What a hoot!


That's more like it. Less giant and more camera strap ;)

In the bar afterwards with sneaky rum haha. I am rather more tiddly than earlier here...

Some lovely trout pouts to finish the night on! Safe to say the 10am check out was slightly painful to me haha! A brisk walk around the city and a Nandos sorted me out, and I was ready for my next adventure in Melbourne! (First proper city pics up next!)

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