Sunday, 11 May 2014

Melbourne Curvy Couture Roadshow!

So one of the reasons I really wanted to go to Melbs was because of the Curvy Couture Roadshow, a plus size fashion event! Also my lovely friend Bec is modelling. So off I pop for the first part of a very long day (I went to a Painty Party the same night!)

Looking ready to go!

Ready and waiting, managed to snag myself a seat!

Annnd we're off!

There's Bec! Managed to get many many decent photos of your back dear. This is what happens when I'm not sure of the rhythm of the models and not sure where they're stopping haha

Another lovely one of your back!

Some of these pictures are because I fell in love with the clothing. No.1 Unattainable clothing item: Skirt
(I am a skint traveler. I can't afford to be buying couture/boutique fashion!)

No.2 Unattainable clothing item: The jacket (and her body!)

Hurrah! Actually got one of your face Bec!

After checking on facebook during the break I spy Bec's boyfriend is here and in the audience. Cheeky pic!

And thankfully Anthony takes a nice pic of me before the second show starts up.
Next up - Underwear!! Woohoo!

Woohoo! Go Bec!!

Actually, a great butt shot!

This model above blew me away. She exudes sass and attitude, and rocks pretty much ANYTHING she wears! Had a wee bit of a starstruck moment haha

Bec's sister's clothing line - Bombshell Vintage I LOVELOVELOVE her stuff. She has genuine vintage clothing along with stunning recreation vintage. I have a clothing line crush.

This is Casey Donovan. I had no idea who she was until (well) after my trip and found out she won Australian Idol a few years back. She's definitely got a set of pipes on her, and she supports the Body Love movement :)

I thought the Sportswear line catwalk was really cute. They each had a little thing they did, High Fives, wiggles and whatevers to keep them smiling

Another Clothing Line I loved!

Please excuse my drooling over the Mermaid collection! 
Unattainable fashion: Whole Clothing Line.

SHIT GOT CRAZY! The girl in the cupcake dress stacked it JUST after I took this photo. She's a total CHAMP though, just got up, finished posing (as below, check out the defiant face) and got the BIGGEST applause when she left the catwalk. Good on you for getting up and carrying on petal!

This was the only picture I took of this line. I thought the pose was cute :) Didn't like any of their clothes, and thought that the brand name wasn't good... (Hey Fatty. Doesn't bother me, but I reckon there's loads of women who would find that offensive. It's a slow process to reclaim the word "Fat")

Casey finishing up the show. She was great

And now picture me drooling over all the clothes I WANT and are in here in the traders hall...

Selfie with Bec's sis in the background (in the green)

Bec is still in model mode :)

Check out ma sweaty face!

Last selfie of the day. Felt it was needed (why do I need a reason I ask?!)

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