Friday, 11 April 2014

Melbs and bro-time!

I've been threatening to go to Melbourne for a long time now, so there happened to be a few things going on at the same time which nicely coincided with my decision to jump on a plane and go to Melbourne!

The first on the agenda was seeing my brother though. I haven't seen him since he emigrated 16 years ago!

The following Melbs/Victoria blogs are super photo heavy so I'll break them up! 
I planned on attending The Curvy Couture Roadshow, then popping over to the Australian Body Art Awards for their Cospaint Ball, all in one day!
Then it'll be spending some serious catch up time with my brother, then back in the city a couple of times to catch the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

So I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me!

Firstly, Suzanne and I booked the same flight, and I experienced my first domestic flight in Australia. It reminded me a little of my flight to Newquay from London... Different!

We got the 1am flight that would bring us to Melbourne at around 7am. I did not think this through, considering I don't sleep on planes unless I have a row to myself, and I'd only managed an hour and a half's kip before we left (token gesture more than anything)
So as we arrived and had a lovely early breakfast with Suzanne's parents, we had time to kill before Suze could check in to her hotel, and I had to hang around so my brother would finish work!
Roughly 2 days and 1.5 hours sleep... this does not make a happy Carla. But I staggered on. We decided to get on the free tram around Melbs and go investigate.

Sunglasses in the case. Of course.

This is the free tram - the number 35! It does a loop around the city, and is quite quaint.

We got as far as Flinders Street Station. I needed to go here anyway to get down to Frankston later. It's a rather beautiful station!

Suzanne took me to one of the most iconic bars/pubs in Melbourne - Young and Jacksons. She said we needed to go and see Chloe... I said "Well I hope she's in today, how do you know her?" Stupid pom. She's a local legend...

Bedraggled, intrepid explorers! Pity this mirror didn't show our best side haha... I did want it badly though!
We sat just to the left of this mirror, and watched the world go by at Flinders St Station. We had a superb view for some serious people watching. And watch people we did!
All manner of movers and shakers, tourists, kids, hip adults, not so hip adults, disco grannies and the like all walked past the station. We also saw a music video being made - though I think it may have been an amateur one rather than pro! But still, exciting stuff.

And here's Chloe. She's beautiful. Click on her name for the whole back story. I did read it, but was becoming increasingly erratic after my lack of sleep. I ended up having to stop talking after a while because talking and walking became too much and I stacked it a few times!
Suzanne kindly let me kip in her hotel room for an hour before I headed off on the train down to Frankston.

Now for some serious family time! I met my brother at Frankston station, and after marveling at how heavy my suitcase was for just two weeks... we had a little trip to Frankston beach. 
Frankston itself reminds me a little of the general East coast English seaside towns. A bit crappy. But the beach is something else I tell you!


These are Jellyfish larvae. Grim.

I am fascinated and repulsed...!

I was stunned at how clear and calm this water was. Beautiful.

Apparently Melbs is over there!

Ahhh Family :)

A stunning sight. Not. *Snort*

Yup, I'm a tourist.

It just goes on for miles!!

Love a shadow.

And don't forget the endless shots of beachy type things and stuff that apparently looks a bit arty.

Family shadow time!

Paul (bro) took me up for a brilliant view of the bay as the clouds were rolling in and deciding the sun had had enough playing for today!

I just caught this rainbow!

And so ends a lovely couple of days of travelling and a wee bit of sight seeing. 

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