Thursday, 3 April 2014

Escape from Tranquility to Utter Chaos (Ubud to Kuta... again)

I definitely will stay longer in Ubud next time around, but for now I was just on a mission to make friends!

Back to Kuta a toddled, refreshed and ready for the next round!

As soon as I got back, there was absolutely nobody I knew...yet, I know a few were coming back from the Gilly Islands and some had been away/out for the day, and I arrived back in Kuta around 2.30pm.

And it was lovely coming back to Granny's, I got a hero's welcome! (Well, it felt like that, but really I was just chuffed that the staff recognised me!)

So after having a late lunch at the hostel, I started doing my thing as people were walking in the door, and yakking away to make new friends. 

Thankfully everybody that had arrived in the time I was gone were pretty awesome. I found during the course of the first night back with the (almost) compulsory drinks and jamming that there were a few diamonds that I knew I'd get along with - A fellow female Whovian (from Norway who lived in England for 4 years so her accent was stronger than mine!) a very sweet Canadian guy who's banter was surprisingly good (even after a few araks!) and my fellow geeky girl and I were determined to turn him full Whovian, a quiet but hilarious German girl, a fellow Pirate lady hailing from Canada, another awesomely named Canadian and general amazing guy, yet another Canadian whom I could easily banter with all night, and the nuttiest English girl EVER...!

So obviously I didn't take any pictures that night because I'm clever. But if you're reading the blog, you'll see yourself in here :)

So next day a couple of us decided we needed to do some serious shopping, and maybe get a massage along the way. Off to Seminyak we went...

First stop, LUNCH!!
I cannot tell you how much I love Indonesian food... I love rice, chicken and spices... I am in heaven!

Ladies what lunch!

This is for you Suzanne... I know you'd appreciate these!

Me and my fellow Whovian catching some rays before we headed down to the beach to catch the sunset

Are you pouting because you're sad petal?! Or just being a!

Yet again... Kuta you amaze me with your beautiful sunsets! 

Slightly less than deranged selfie 

 This is "Granny's Corner" of the beach

The boys doing what they do...!

Yay tourist shot!

I am aware of just how much of a poser I am...

Can you tell I love panoramics?!

And now that the sun has set, here comes the truly astounding beauty!

And the sunset of course!

This is Bruno setting up his very "Balinese" shot...

This was sadly the last time I took photos of the sunset in Bali... Honestly, I could take hundreds and hundreds of pictures of it and never get bored. Just beautiful. 
However what scuppered my chances of eventually becoming "that tourist" was that it started to rain... and I LOVED IT. It was such a welcome change to the constant heat and humidity!

Before the rains came, me setting up my spot for which I would not like to move for a long time... I loved that hammock!

Let it rain, let in rain, let it rain!!!

Yup, we're loving life!

Even the staff are getting involved!

Big happy damp grin

And it stayed overcast til I left. Not that it bothered me... I had other things to think of!

Like feeling genuinely ill, so was taking the local cough and flu meds. This beauty tasted like Covonia.

After going for a full body massage, we decided to hop into a local bar in Seminyak (much more civilised than Kuta)

These guys! 
Laura "Doubloons" and Ken "Doll"

CJ and "Nassles"
This lovely lady will be coming to Perth shortly! Hooray!

I decided I needed the TINIEST CUPCAKE EVER for dessert! Tasted awesome. And just enough (I'm a savoury girl)

So next day we wanted to do more shopping, but this time in Kuta. We were hunting for something amazing for my last night out, or if not just brilliant stuff to take home.

And on the way... I found many things that made me chuckle, but also a few I got excited about - like THIS! 

I own this. It's the same principle as owning everything that is named Mitchell.

Why not just normal fish fingers? No they're Lady's ones...*snigger*

Making an amazing representation of the girl on my Spa's leaflet.

And lo and behold, I find Roman in the middle of Poppies 2 shopping district! He drags us along to his hotel room for hire and shows us his business. These Indonesian guys are so enterprising, I love it!

So many stupid stickers... But the I <3 Dick made me think of you Mrs Originally-Dick-But-Now-Hoops :)

And this is the ONLY photo I took of our crazy night out where my voice gave up the ghost and left me for good!
After trying to keep a nasty cough at bay, drinking and singing, then shepherding around 20 people out in Kuta... I'm not surprised!
So I got really rather drunk this night, with fishbowls and drinks being bought for me... Was a top night. I am going to miss you guys loads - please don't forget to come to Australia while I'm here! Or when I can make it to Canada... you'll know I'll come and find you muhahaha!

Some photos of the night kindly supplied by the nutty Swede who was official  photographer for the evening. Check out her skills :p

Despite chopping his head off, I do love this one of me and The Doll

The Nassles and I actually behaving

Me not behaving around Hector (who I met in Ubud, funnily enough!)

This move is called "The Crab"... Nassles started it!!

So my last day, being taken to the airport for about 12.30pm... Had to take one of this girl, I think she's awesome. Such a laugh, fellow geek, and a biker girl to boot. Stunner :)

And thus concludes my mad, tired, drunken, sightseeing, singing, nature-loving trip to Bali. I will be back guys... You've been warned!

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